Our flexi workspace solution will get your employees excited to go back to the office

Our flexi workspace solution will get your employees excited to go back to the office

People all over the world are starting to return to offices, and this demonstrates their continued irreplaceable role in the working lives of many employees. According to a recent JLL survey, up to 87% of employees still want the option to work from the office.The main drivers for this are connections and cooperation between employees, socialization, personal participation in training sessions and meetings, but also a change of environment from the home office in which many employees have spent more time in recent months. 83% of employees confirmed that they miss human interaction with colleagues when working from home, and up to 46% wish to return to the office for more than half a week.

Because the majority of people value the opportunity to meet their colleagues in person, the demand for so-called coworking space is increasing. People are seeking an attractive environment with diverse workspaces, as well as flexible seating in order to be inspirational and meet the needs of every individual and project. This applies to collaboration itself as well as informal meetings in community spaces. 62% of employees working from classic offices stated that they would appreciate the possibility of working from a coworking space or serviced office located closer to their home. In addition to the standard ergonomic facilities, the most attractive aspect of such spaces was the community atmosphere.

Variable and inspiring coworking spaces also support mutual communication and help to build team relationships and efficiency.  Employees are happy to return to such an atmosphere and in addition, employee satisfaction is closely linked to their performance. The informal meeting spaces are as important in coworking and serviced offices as places for focused work and creativity.

Monika Mašková, Workplace Consultant

Survey source: Online survey of 4,407 employees in 77 companies in the Czech Republic, implemented by JLL in April 2021

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