The Park. Our 11th Prague location coming soon!

The number 11 in numerology belongs to visionaries who can change the world. We turn every working day into a unique experience, soon in 11 locations in Prague. The eleventh will be the legendary The Park in Chodov. We continue the ride. 

A spacious working environment with elegance, in which nature intertwines, stands out for its size and endless possibilities. It includes an entire floor with an area of 2,519 m2 full of inspiration and original common spaces, which is equipped with the most modern A/V and ICT technology.

From dawn to dusk

We were inspired by the symbolism of peaceful Stromovka and London’s Hyde Park. The whole concept is based on the rhythm of the day, i.e. from dawn to dusk. So you will find a sunny kitchen on one side and a night bar on the other. You will enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in a stylish cafe with a barista. You will experience unforgettable meetings and events in unique meeting rooms and event spaces.

What is your favorite way of working? Lying? Why not, right under the starry sky. This is also possible in our new center. The office environment with its ubiquitous nature will enchant you with its charm. You can achieve perfect harmony and peace in the Japanese corner and in the Zen oasis. You can also unwind in a cafe with a popular coworking space in the middle of the center and end a successful working day with a relaxing massage or a drink in the Night bar. You can practice your swing on the golf trainer, which is simply connected to the Park. 

We care about perfect accessibility

Our newest center is easy to get to. It is excellently accessible by car and public transport, and is also located near the D1 highway. Nothing prevents you from leaving work for the weekend straight to beautiful Budapest or Vienna.

It’s great to have everything within easy reach on a typical work day. In The Park area, you will find a gym park, Starbucks, a pharmacy, and the Westfield shopping center nearby.

All this and much more will be brought to you in the first quarter of 2023 by our new center The Park. Can’t wait too? Check out our amazing project where we can meet every day as early as 2023.

You can reserve your place in it now! If you are interested, contact our sales manager Kateřina Maratová by e-mail at: [email protected] or by phone at +420 601 389 500.

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