5 main reasons why coworking is becoming more and more popular with people and companies

5 benefits of coworking

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Coworking is becoming increasingly popular with sole traders as well as small and large companies. What is the source of its success and why do more and more companies and employees see it as the future of work?

Coworking is a concept that allows workers of large and small companies, start-ups and freelancers to work together in shared workspaces. Coworking spaces offer the infrastructure of a typical office environment, including tables, chairs and internet connections, and also other services such as printers, meeting rooms, call boxes and fully-equipped kitchens supplied with fresh fruit and unlimited drinks every day. This arrangement can be especially beneficial for those who would otherwise work independently from home or in public spaces. At Scott.Weber coworking spaces also include private cafes with professional baristas.

  1. Flexibility – that’s what it’s all about

One of the main advantages of coworking spaces is flexibility. Users can choose a specific type of space, as well as when and for how long they want to use it. They can choose from an open coworking space or various types of closable or non-closable rooms and zones. The possibility of ad hoc space selection helps to maintain an autonomy and flexibility that cannot be achieved when renting traditional offices.

  1. Collaboration and networking. Do you network? You’re doing the right thing!

Coworking spaces are designed to allow collaboration and networking between members. There are social events with a culinary angle, lectures and workshops for the development of knowledge and skills, as well as special events where clients can get to know each other and possibly establish business cooperation. At Scott.Weber, we regularly host these events and are proud of the fact that several successful projects have emerged from our networking events.

  1. Promoting mental, physical and social well-being

Well-being refers to a person’s state of overall well-being, or their physical, mental and social health. The concept of well-being is broad and includes a number of factors such as personal satisfaction, meaningfulness of life, happiness and good relationships with others. At Scott.Weber, we encourage the concept of well-being among our clients. We take care of the physical health of our clients with ergonomic equipment, appropriate lighting and high-quality air in buildings. We organise a number of regular sports activities, such as exercising on the terraces and yoga. At the same time, we support our clients‘ mental and spiritual well-being through inspiring design environments where they will find plenty of relaxation zones. Organised lectures, workshops and breakfasts provide clients witih a way into the Scott.Weber Workspace community, where they can network and establish work and personal relationships.

  1. You can also have your own offices

As well as coworking, clients can also have access to private flexible offices which are closed, private and fully serviced. They are rented by specific companies and accessible only to a company‘s employees. Clients also have access to the shared coworking zones. But what does it look like in practice? Imagine one or more floors in an office building. At the entrance to the premises there is a designer reception area with a lounge, which forms the gateway to the main shared event and coworking space which will have a kitchen or a private café for clients and visitors. On either side of these spaces are offices where larger and smaller companies of various kinds are located. The premises are fitted out with meeting rooms, call boxes, relaxation and play zones and much more.

  1. Significant savings in cost, worry and initial outlays

The concept of coworking and private flexible offices with coworking is based on the principle of outsourcing. We take care of the furniture, technical facilities, internet, cleaning, reception, and matters relatd to the building. By covering these needs, we save our clients not only equipment costs, wages and administration, but most of all time. Also, clients often come to see that being part of the Scott.Weber Workspace community has business potential for them. Easy communication across all centres cuts marketing costs and adds up to an investment in future business and personal relationships.

Coworking spaces offer not only flexibility and a wide range of office rental options, but also networking and well-being benefits. Clients gain access to private and shared areas and benefit from cost and service savings through outsourcing and community access.

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5 benefits of coworking

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