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    What we do

    We have been providing inspiring and functional workspace solutions to support your growth since 2009.

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    Our services

    Solutions for companies of all sizes

    Office Space

    Flexible solutions from serviced offices for individuals all the way up to your own floor with private offices for bigger teams.


    Inspirational environment and people. Choose the Coworking space membership and location and become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

    Meeting & Event Spaces

    50 modernly equipped spaces for rent in perfectly accessible locations for corporate meetings and private events for up to 400 people.


    Rent a representative registered address for your company. Choose from the best office buildings in Prague

    Why Scott.Weber

    Make your work life easier with our services

    Iconic buildings in popular locations

    Our locations

    PraGUE 7, Holešovice

    PraGUE 6, Dejvice


    PraGUE 7, Holešovice

    Prague 8, Karlín

    Prague 8, Karlín

    Prague 4, Pankrác

    Prague 3, Flora

    Prague 1, old town

    Prague 5, Anděl


    Solutions to get employees back in the office

    Nowadays, more than ever, we are all trying to find solutions to work efficiently, safely, and at reduced office costs. Scott.Weber Workspace offers suitable flexible solutions in its 8 Prague locations. Experience how efficiency and employee satisfaction reflect in your business results.

    Space Occupancy Reduction

    Our solutions allow you to quickly change the spacing and number of employees; for example, by using the Rotating Offices solution, by moving part of the team to another office, floor or building, or by using the advantages of coworking memberships.

    Hub and Spoke model​

    Replace your company’s unnecessarily large headquarters with a new modern headquarters in a vibrant, trendy neighborhood (Hub) and a network of satellite offices (Spoke) close to your employees’ homes. S.W Workspace will provide you with both.

    Work from home and close to home

    Even hybrid workplaces are becoming a new norm, enabling employees to significantly reduce commuting time while maintaining the possibility of collaboration and interaction.

    Work from anywhere

    Choosing the possibility to work from anywhere is becoming more and more popular. Allow your employees to choose their favorite workplace to make them feel comfortable and productive.