House Rules

These are House Rules that regulate relationships between the Provider and the Sublessee in connection with the operation of the Provider’s office Premises. The House Rules may change from time to time. Besides all other rules, measures and/or procedures applicable to the Sublessee’s Office Premises and Offices, the Sublessee acknowledges and accepts the following:


  1. The Sublessee agrees to ensure that its Members, employees, guests, suppliers and customers entering the Office Premises and the Building act in compliance with the House Rules, abide by security directives, directives regarding the use of keys and parking, and is obliged to comply with other regulations applicable to other users of the Building.
  2. Upon move-in to the Office, the Provider will ask the Sublessee to sign the acceptance of the premises, furniture and equipment that the Sublessee will be permitted to use. The list will include a note of the condition of the relevant equipment and details of the use of keys, chips and entry cards provided to the Sublessee.
  3. All chips, keys and access cards received by the Sublessee from the Provider are and remain the property of the Provider or the Building owner. The Sublessee must not make any copies of the keys or entry/access cards and must not allow anyone else to use the keys, chips or entry/access cards without the Provider’s consent. The Sublessee must report any loss of chips, keys or entry cards to the Provider immediately and, at the same time, must pay the costs of replacement keys or entry/access cards and of changing locks, or any other additional costs that would be incurred in this respect. Upon leaving the Office Premises outside normal business hours, the Sublessee must lock the doors to the Office and the Office Premises. This is to ensure the safety of individuals and property at the Office Premises.
  4.  Along with the use of the Office, the Sublessee is entitled to the non-exclusive use of the common areas in the Building solely for the purpose of access and entry to the Office and leaving and exit from the Office in a manner so as not to interfere with or otherwise hinder other lessees of the Building.
  5. The Sublessee undertakes to use solely reserved parking spaces and not to use for parking any other parts of the underground car park under the Building. The Sublessee is obliged to use the reserved parking spaces in a manner so as not to interfere with or otherwise hinder other lessees of the Building.
  6. At the Sublessee’s request, the Provider will allow the Sublessee to include its trade (corporate) name including the Logo in the house directory at the entrance to the Premises as well as at the reception area in the Office Premises. Manufacture and location of the above information and advertising devices will be the ensured by the Provider at the Sublessee’s expense.
  7. The Office Premises are monitored by CCTV for security reasons.
  8. The Sublessee is obliged ensure that any equipment, technical and technological devices and instruments in the Office (“Equipment”) must be handled and used in compliance with the relevant instructions applicable to such Equipment and that the Equipment is handled and used solely by persons trained, authorised or qualified for such use or handling. Besides standard office equipment (such as computers, copiers and telephones), the Sublessee may only install or place in the Office any technical devices with the written consent of the Provider. The Sublessee may not install any Equipment outside the Office on the Office Premises and the Building.
  9. Sublessees and their Members are obliged to adhere to other rules and regulations as determined and notified to the Sublessee by the Provider, also by e-mail, including health and safety at work and fire protection regulations.
  10. Relaxation zones and terraces that are part of the Office Premises are intended for use by Members of all Sublessees and serve solely for temporary use and are not intended for continuous day-to-day work, are in no case intended for separate entry and use by Guests (the Sublessee’s visitors, suppliers, employees), and may only be accessed by Guests if accompanied by and in the permanent presence of a Member of the Sublessee in a number not exceeding 3 Guests. The Provider reserves the right to prevent Guests from entering relaxation rooms or terraces permanently due to an excessive number of Guests or temporarily due to the preparation or organisation of seminars and events for Members of other Sublessees.
  11. .Meetings in the Common Areas. The Sublessee may not conduct business with the Sublessee’s Clients / external persons in the Common Areas of the Office Premises, i.e. relaxation zones, lounges, hallways, corridors or the reception area, without the prior written consent of the Provider. For these purposes, Daily Offices or Meeting Rooms should be used at all times.
  12. Members and Guests of the Sublessee must behave professionally, must wear formal clothes as is standard in business meetings and must keep the noise level to a level so as not to interfere with other Sublessees.
  13. .The Sublessee is obliged to ensure that its Members and Guests (visitors, suppliers, employees, colleagues, clients and customers of the Sublessee) will wear in the Building, Office Premises and Common Areas a respiratory protective equipment (nose, mouth), which prevents the spread of droplets, especially a face mask, respirator, protective mask, scarf, neckerchief etc. The Provider is entitled not to allow a person who does not fulfil this obligation to enter the Building, Office Premises and / or Common Areas. This obligation of the Sublessee applies only for the period when a similar obligation is stipulated for public places and / or indoor spaces by a crisis measure, decision or other similar act of the Government of the Czech Republic or any other state administration body (especially the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic or the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic) issued pursuant to Constitutional Act No. 110/1998 Coll., on Security of the Czech Republic, Act No. 240/2000 Coll., Crisis Management Act, Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on protection of public Health, or other similar legal regulation.

The Sublessee or any of its Members or Guests must not:

  1. Use the Office and Office Premises for purposes other than standard administrative (office) activities, in particular use the Office in manner that is incompatible with its functional and technical purpose, and when using the Office, disturb other users of the Office Premises, in particular, with excessive noise, dust, odour or an increased presence of people (such as employees, colleagues, clients and visitors) disproportioned to the size and functional purpose of the Office;
  2. carry out any activity that is reasonably expected to be disturbing or dangerous, either for the Provider, its employees, visitors and property, or for other Sublessees
  3. use electricity beyond ordinary use; if the Provider fails to grant written permission to any other use of electricity, by the Sublessee, including a reasonable price, the Sublessee may only use the electricity for ordinary lighting, operating personal computers and small appliances;
  4. put up any signs or placards on the windows and doors of its Offices, install antennae or telecommunication lines and devices or otherwise change and bring other furniture to the Offices;
  5. leave open any corridor doors, exit doors or door connecting corridors during or after business hours. If the Sublessee does so, it will be at the Sublessee’s own risk for security reasons. None of the corridors, halls, elevators and stairways may be obstructed by the Sublessee or used for any purpose other than moving inside the Building. Public areas may only be used by the Sublessee with the consent of the Provider and such areas must be kept clean to look presentable at all times;
  6. take out from the Offices to Common Areas, such as terraces, common corridors or other outdoor areas of the Office Premises and the Building and put there any equipment or other items owned by the Provider or the owner of the Building (such as, in particular, chairs, benches, desks/tables, cabinets, sunshades and ashtrays); the Sublessee may take out and put outside its own equipment or other items solely following a prior written agreement with the Provider, containing in particular the specification and the quantity of the equipment (items), providing that the Sublessee is obliged to constantly supervise the technical equipment (items) brought / put to the terrace / any other outdoor area of the Office Centre (Building), in particular to prevent any fall of the equipment/items from the terrace / outdoor areas. The Sublessee is obliged to pay the Provider a contractual penalty of CZK 50,000 for each individual breach of any obligation of the Sublessee under this paragraph; the arrangement or the payment of the contractual penalty is without prejudice to the Provider’s right to damages in full. The Sublessee undertakes to release the Provider of any third-party claims brought against the Provider on the grounds of compensation for damage caused to third parties in connection with the breach of any of the Sublessee’s obligations under this paragraph by the Sublessee; the release within the meaning of this Agreement means that the Sublessee will satisfy in full the third-party claims brought against the Provider in connection with a breach of this paragraph by the Sublessee;
  7. bring any animals into the Office Premises or the Office other without the prior written consent of the Provider;
  8. smoke in any areas of the Building and the Office Premises. Smoking is prohibited in allpublic areas of the Office Premises, i.e. in Offices, conference rooms, common areas an outdoor terraces;
  9. intervene with the building and technical structures, parts, fixtures, fittings or appurtenances of the Office (such as moving partition walls, painting, interfering with cables, and floor modifications) without the written consent of the Provider. If the Sublessee breaches this obligation, the Sublessee is obliged to pay the Provider a contractual penalty of CZK 100,000 for each individual breach. The right to the contractual penalty is without prejudice to the Provider’s right to damages in full;
  10. use services to carry out or perform any illegal activity. The Provider reserves the right to immediately suspend the provision of services and/or cancel this Agreement if the Provider comes to the conclusion that the Office Premises or the Provider’s address are used in connection with a potential illegal or fraudulent activity or an activity that may be in conflict with laws or government orders;
  11. bring in, put, use or manage substances harmful to health, contaminants or pollutants, poisonous substances or waste, infectious material, oil products, asbestos or asbestos-containing material, flammable, combustible or explosive liquids, chemicals or substances (excluding those related to the standard use of office premises) and allow anyone else to do so;
  12. disturb other Sublessee to an unreasonable extent with noise, smoke, dust, gases, odours, light, shadows, vibrations and other similar effects;
  13. carry out activities associated with cooking outside the main kitchenette intended for such purposes, and produce any odours that could spread in the Common Areas;
  14. collect waste outside rubbish bins obtained and located in the Common Areas for this purpose;
  15. take, copy or use any information or intellectual property that belongs to other Sublessees or their Members or Guests; this provision survives the termination of this Agreement;
  16. take, copy or use for any purpose the name of Scott & Weber or any trade names of the Provider, trademarks, service marks, logos, visuals and other identifiers or other intellectual property, or modify or change the versions thereof, or take, copy or use for any purpose any photograph or depiction of any part of the Office Premises without the consent of the Provider; this provision survives the termination of this Agreement;
  17. use the Office Premises in a manner that involves frequent visits by the public (such as retail sale, multi-level, collection point) or one-off increases in the number of visits by the public exceeding the capacity of the entrance lobby at the reception area, or the lease of meeting rooms in excess of their maximum capacity)


  1. Office Premises are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The business hours in the Office Centre are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on working days except local holidays.
  2.  Services outside the business hours of the Office Premises. The Provider will gladly discuss special arrangements for the use of the personal services or the facilities in the Office Premises outside standard business hours or, on working days in the location where the Office Premises is located. There may be an additional charge for such special arrangements.Orders for services offered by the Provider and the acceptation of an agreement for other services offered by the Provider for the Sublessee ar
  3.  Orders for services offered by the Provider and the acceptation of an agreement for other services offered by the Provider for the Sublessee are permissible in any form; such agreements made in a form other than in writing may only be validly agreed as to the object of the service to be provided, and in other matters, such agreements must be also made in writing, including the price list
  4.  Change of the company name. If there is a need to change the name of the company, a request must be filed in writing and must be addressed to the manager of the Provider’s Centre.
  5. The Sublessee may not use the address of the Office, the use of which is the subject matter of this Agreement after the expiry of 30 days following the date of termination of this Agreement. The Sublessee is required to change its registered office within 30 days of the date of termination of this Agreement so as the registered office does not contain the address that the Sublessee was entitled to use under this Agreement and as a result of the Provider’s consent, as the registered office or the establishment of the company entered in the Commercial Register or any other register after the expiry of the above term.
  6.  Assistance upon leaving the Premises. The service is provided for a period of 3 months following the date of termination of the Agreement for a monthly fee of CZK 1,000 excl. VAT. The service serves to cover administration and the redirection of mail, faxes, phone calls and providing information to visitors. If the Sublessee decides not to use the Assistance upon leaving the Office Premises service, the Provider will not be required to redirect or keep mail or other parcels delivered to the Sublessee after the termination or expiry of the Agreement and the mail will be returned to the sender. Equally, the Provider will not take for and give to the Sublessee any telephone messages and no information will be passed to the Sublessee’s visitors.
  7. Subordination: This Agreement is subordinate to the lease agreement between the Provider and the real estate owner and to any other agreements that are subordinate to the lease agreement between the Provider and the real estate owner.

Internet and IT technologies in the Office Premises:

  1.  The Provider’s business model includes the provision of telecom lines to Sublessees. The Sublessee must not circumvent the terms of use of the Provider’s telecom lines, such as by installing its own direct telecom lines. At a written request of a Sublessee, the Provider may grant permission to the installation of a direct telecom line in specific cases. The permit will only be granted subject to the Sublessee’s consent to the payment of a monthly fee for direct access to the network at the level of the monthly fee for the use of Pro Internet & Data Network provided by the Provider.
  2. Security violations: The Sublessee is prohibited from engaging in any violations of system or network security. The Provider’s Internet connection service may not be used in connection with attempts – whether or not successful – to violate the security of a network, service, or other system. Examples of prohibited activities include, without limitation, hacking, cracking into, monitoring, or putting disproportionate load on the line by downloading or sending large files via P2P networks, or using systems without authorisation; scanning ports; conducting denial of service attacks; and distributing viruses or other harmful software. The Provider reserves the right to suspend the Internet access upon notification from a recognised Internet authority or Internet service provider regarding such abuse. The Provider may disconnect the Sublessee’s equipment and withhold services if the Provider considers that the Sublessee’s hardware or software is, or has become, inappropriate for connection to the Provider’s network. The Sublessee is responsible for ensuring own virus protection on its systems and hardware.
These House Rules take effect on 1 July 2018

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