Scott.Weber Workspace opens fourth location in Prague 8 – its thirteenth in the city overall

The largest provider of private flexible offices and coworking space is opening a new centre at Dock in Libeň, Prague 8. This, its thirteenth centre, will offer 350 office spaces, plus event areas, private terraces, and over 20 meeting and other rooms designed for focused work to increase productivity, all spread over 3,190 sq m. Scott.Weber’s Dock site will feature a whole multitude of relaxation zones dedicated to well-being. These are designed to promote workers’ physical and mental health, enhance their comfort, and increase their overall satisfaction. Clients can even enjoy a bistro offering dishes served up by a chef using fresh ingredients sourced directly from the rooftop terrace and garden. Dock also employs the concept of modular event spaces.

The new location is in Dock In Five, one of the buildings in a sprawling complex developed by Crestyl. Dock opens out from the Palmovka metro station into jogging and cycling trails that start in Libeň, run through Holešovice and Troja, and end all the way over at Stromovka. “We chose Dock because this is one of the best locations in Prague. It hugs the River Vltava and is close to nature, yet at the same time there is a public transport hub, and the city centre is just minutes away. Dock is a vibrant site with a wealth of amenities – not just restaurants and cafés, but also gyms and other useful businesses such as a roastery and dry cleaner’s,” says Adam Zvada, CEO and founder of Scott.Weber Workspace.

Well-being, plenty of light and plants have been shown to boost productivity

Scott.Weber interiors are developed and designed to comply with the most stringent Well certification. This focuses on the quality of the indoor office environment so as to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. It assesses aspects such as air and water quality, the amount of light, natural vegetation, and how well the environment promotes physical and mental well-being.

Dock also has LEED gold status, which is the highest level of certification for building sustainability. This confirms that buildings are designed with energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and indoor environmental quality in mind. “When we are identifying future premises, the well-worn mantra of ‘location, location, location’ is by no means the only relevant factor anymore. These days, we also have to consider the quality of the building and the interior spaces and, most importantly, what amenities are available in the building and its immediate surroundings. We occupy A-grade buildings that meet the most stringent criteria when it comes to sustainability, environmental impact and the quality of the workspace for employees. That’s what is most important today. The Dock complex has the added bonus of great amenities when you look at the restaurants, cafés, gyms, shops and other everyday services around here,” explains Adam Zvada.

Staff need more informal rooms as a place to work together and concentrate

The demands and requirements of companies and their workers are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. “What was considered the ideal just a year ago is now deemed inadequate. A case in point is the number of call boxes, focus rooms and other spaces where people have privacy to make calls and hold one-to-one meetings, for example,” says Ivana Ludvíková, Head of Design at Scott.Weber Workspace. This is one of the reasons why companies at the Dock site will have access to 10 meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 20 people. Plus, there will be 10 more rooms for online calls and to quickly touch base, or perhaps as a space for quiet, focused work or brainstorming.

Demands relating to staff involvement in social activities are also growing. “Our values include engagement and networking. We organise both business and fun events for our clients, where companies can present themselves and get to know each other, and where people can unwind in various ways. This interconnectivity has spawned media-interesting ideas and opportunities for us. This is one way of enhancing employee and employer satisfaction,” adds Adam Zvada.

Over 5,000 office spaces across Prague

Scott.Weber currently offers upwards of 5,000 office spaces over a total area of more than 40,000 sq m at 13 sites. This equates to more than a third of the Prague private flexible office and coworking market. With the new Dock site opening on 1 January 2024, the company is further consolidating its position as the largest provider as it moves towards its target of a 50% market share.

About the company

Scott.Weber Workspace runs private flexible offices and coworking spaces. It hosts events on its premises and offers facilities for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It currently has a portfolio of nearly 5,000 office spaces with over 40,000 sq m. of space across its 13 locations. The company has plans to expand its presence not only in Prague, but also outside the capital.

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