Prague, 1 March 2023 – Scott.Weber Workspace, a company operating flexible serviced offices, coworking and event spaces, is expanding. It will offer 830 office spaces in new locations – The Park and Port7, covering an area of 7,322 sqm, plus an additional full floor in Atrium Flora. The Park at Chodov forms a campus of office buildings with exceptionally rich amenities. Due to the nature of the companies located there, the location is referred to as “Prague’s Silicon Valley”. Port7, on the other hand, is a newly built complex in Holesovice, which is considered to be Prague’s new waterfront. And it is, for example, the only place in Prague that can be reached by seven modes of transport. The Atrium Flora concept, which houses offices in a shopping centre building, is being expanded by another floor due to its great popularity.

Scott.Weber Workspace will operate 12 centres with a total area of over 35,000 sqm and almost 5,000 workplaces in the first half of the year. The company’s primary focus is on private flexible offices, where clients can change the number of workstations in pre-fitted offices according to their current needs, rather than committing to five- or seven-year contracts as with conventional offices. In addition to private offices, Scott.Weber also offers coworking and event spaces, as well as the option of setting up a virtual residence.

The Park offers workspace in the middle of the park

The Park campus is adjacent to the Westfield Chodov shopping centre. It is a location designed as a park. “It is a park, literally. The last time a new park was created in Prague was 80 years ago,” says Adam Zvada, CEO of Scott.Weber Workspace. The central part of the campus is lined with cafes, restaurants but also a fitness centre, pharmacy, dry cleaners, newsagents, and other services. There are also sports facilities for volleyball, golf, and other active pastimes in a natural setting. Even the indoor spaces are conceived in connection with nature, whether they are designed meeting rooms, relaxation zones or coworking spaces. “And it’s not just about connecting with nature. We’ve also prepared unique gaming-style shared spaces not only for PC gamers, but also for those who enjoy active PC gaming. They have a golf tee-off simulator at their disposal,” adds Adam Zvada.

Meeting room on the water and commuting to work by boat

Port7 is in many ways a unique office project that stands out in the Czech Republic. Scott.Weber will offer a space conceived as a harbour, where the overall impression is provided by a large number of even apparent design details. Roof terraces overlooking the Holesovice embankment are also a great advantage. The private terrace will have a bar and will be ideal for corporate and private events. “Companies will be able to book a meeting room directly on the water in the harbour. They will also have the opportunity to commute to work by regular boat service,” says Adam Zvada of Scott.Weber Workspace. The regular shipping line is one of the modes of transportation. Within a 50-metre radius, people can commute by train, metro, tram, bus and, of course, car. There is also a newly renovated cycle path and a jogging track leading to the Stromovka Park. Athletes can try some of the water sports, such as paddleboarding. Gastro enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a new restaurant concept featuring cuisine from around the world. There will also be fitness and wellness service companies, a nursery, a pharmacy and more.

Pleasant offices motivate commuting to work

Most employees only want to commute a few days a week.

They expect to spend a pleasant day in the office with colleagues. However, they often differ with their employers on what such an office working environment should look like. More than half (52%) of workers find the space inadequate, and most miss having a place to take breaks and relax. In contrast, 78% of employers believe their employees are satisfied with their office facilities.  The Ipsos survey, conducted via Instant Research for Scott.Weber Workspace, further compares employee and employer attitudes as part of the hybrid work model trend.

“Modern-minded bosses are realizing what perhaps all studies and analyses say. Employee productivity goes up, or at least doesn’t go down, when they have the opportunity to take a quick break in a relaxation zone. Shared design spaces that encourage creativity also have a positive effect. Unfortunately, some conservative managers think that space with desks and computers is efficiently used and non-work spaces are unnecessary and actually expensive. The opposite is true, and more and more companies are realizing this. This change in thinking is also coming with the generational change and the emergence of millennials and Generation Z,” explains Adam Zvada of Scott.Weber Workspace.

About Scott.Weber Workspace

Scott.Weber Workspace was founded in 2009 with a vision to provide comprehensive workspace solutions for companies of all sizes. Offering flexible work environments to meet changing needs. Scott.Weber creates conditions that are not only pleasant for work, but also for networking and mutual inspiration. It is a partner on the way to the goal, so that clients can focus undisturbed on their business and growth.

It currently operates 12 premium office centres in Prague, which boast innovative office layouts, modern design, advanced technologies, and superior client care.

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