Scott.Weber controls one third of coworking spaces in Prague. It has taken over a competitor in Karlin

The company’s ambition is to operate half of the market within two years, and this year it plans to open two more locations – in Holesovice and Chodov.

Scott.Weber, the largest Czech provider of flexible offices, so-called coworking spaces, has opened its twelfth centre. It has taken over the space in the Rustonka office complex in Prague’s Karlin district from its foreign competitors and operates a 35,000 sqm space for 4,400 users. It controls one third of the total coworking market.

The original operator of the flexible offices in Rustonka, the German company New Work, closed its operations for economic reasons. On this occasion, Scott.Weber also agreed with Citrix Corporation to take over their premises in the same building. The coworking company now operates two floors with an area of nearly 4,300 sqm, and in Karlin it is the third centre of the same operator after Praga Studios and Praga Office Garden.

The demand for flexible offices has been growing year on year, and we ourselves have seen a year-on-year increase of more than 200 percent. Post-pandemic times have accelerated development and our prediction is that flexi offices will be the solution for more and more companies in the future. Therefore, we want to expand not only in Prague, but also gradually in other regions of the Czech Republic. Our ambition is to grow by fifty percent in the next two years,” says Adam Zvada, owner of Scott.Weber. The company’s ambition is to operate half of the market within two years.

According to Zvada, the current crisis confirms a growing trend where employers do not want to sign up office landlords for years in advance, but at the same time want to ensure the growing demands of employees on the working environment.
At Rustonka, clients have access to private spaces, event spaces, a gym, etc., in addition to workspaces. A rooftop terrace for events is a bonus.

Rustonka office building in Prague’s Karlín district

Rustonka clients are becoming part of the Scott.Weber professional community, which already includes nearly four thousand clients. They can connect via the community app Member Portal, where they can book meeting rooms or parking at all the centres, follow the calendar of scheduled events and communicate with each other. We are also developing an app for the clients themselves to reserve seats for their employees in what we call the rotating office,” says Zvada.

Scott.Weber counts two other upcoming locations – Port 7 in Holesovice and The Park in Chodov, which are due to open in the first half of this year. The coworking operator plans to expand in several existing locations, including Flora and City Element in Pankrac.

“So, in total, 2022 for Scott.Weber Workspace will mean an increase of another sixteen thousand to the current final 35,100 sqm, which represents a truly remarkable eighty percent increase in space. These figures confirm that 2022 was a growth year,” adds Zvada for CzechCrunch.

He also mentions that the total capacity of jobs should exceed five thousand and the occupancy rate of the premises is recorded at ninety-two percent. Scott.Weber does not comment on specific sales figures, but last year they should have increased by forty-four percent. This year, the coworking operator plans to continue its acquisitive growth.

First of all, the development in the shared office and coworking segment is not complete, and secondly, the Czech market in general is fatally lacking in the premium services segment. We are trying to offer such services. I predicted the consolidation of the market at the beginning of 2019, it is a standard development in a new, dynamically growing industry, where the successful and strong continue to strengthen and the unsuccessful, hence too small providers end… Or are simply absorbed,” adds Zvada.

Scott.Weber Workspace

Scott.Weber Workspace was founded in 2009 with a vision to provide comprehensive workspace solutions for companies of all sizes. It offers flexible working environments to meet changing needs. Scott.Weber creates conditions that are not only pleasant for work, but also for networking and mutual inspiration. It is a partner on the way to the goal, so that clients can focus undisturbed on their business and growth.

It currently operates 13 premium office centres in Prague, which boast innovative office layouts, modern design, advanced technologies and superior client care.

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