Employees and employers are divided on what an office work environment should look like. More than half (52%) of workers find the space inadequate, and most miss having space to take breaks and rest. In contrast, 78% of employers believe their employees are satisfied with the office facilities.  The Ipsos survey via Instant Research, conducted for Scott.Weber Workspace, further compares employee and employer attitudes as part of the hybrid work model trend.

More and more companies are actively addressing the well-being of their employees, but their perceptions of the working environment differ from the expectations of their workforce. According to the survey, 52% of employees believe that their employers do not offer them a suitable place to relax, and a quarter even perceive the availability of rest areas as downright poor. College students and employees of large companies with more than 1,000 employees are particularly dissatisfied. However, employers’ views differ significantly. Up to 78% of them think their employees are satisfied.

“Modern-minded bosses realise what perhaps all studies and analyses say. Employee productivity increases, or at least doesn’t decrease, when they have the opportunity for a quick rest in a relaxation zone. Shared design spaces that encourage creativity also have a positive effect. Unfortunately, some conservative managers think that space with desks and computers is efficiently used and non-work spaces are unnecessary and actually expensive. The opposite is true, and more and more companies are realizing this. This change in thinking also comes with the generational change and the rise of millennials and Generation Z,” explains Adam Zvada, founder, and CEO of Scott.Weber Workspace.

This trend is also confirmed by Cushman & Wakefield, one of the largest providers of consultancy services for tenants, investors, and developers of office space in the Czech Republic. “Employee expectations have changed significantly over the past three years. People are more aware of the environment they work in and the opportunities it brings. They see offices as a place to collaborate with colleagues, not as a place where they sit for eight hours. These requirements then increasingly play an important role in situations where they are deciding on their next career steps. Companies that don’t place more importance on their employees’ preferences risk losing their best workers to employers who are willing to listen to them and move with the times,” says Radka Novak, Head of Office Leasing, CEE Region, Cushman & Wakefield.

Employees want to eat well and work in a nice environment

Employers and employees also have different views on the availability of quality catering. While a varied range of catering options is high on the scale of importance for employees (81%), employers believe that their employees do not place as much importance on this aspect (71%). Generation Z and millennials are most concerned about this issue.

The survey also found that a nice working environment has a much greater impact on worker satisfaction than companies believe. For nearly 9 out of 10 employees, it’s key. In contrast, companies considered the importance of the environment lower, by as much as 13 percentage points.

Even generational change has not changed the Czech misfortune. Czechs don’t want to commute for work

The survey also confirmed one of the Czech specifics – Czechs do not like to commute for work. The vast majority of workers consider the short commuting distance home and the availability of public transport to be key. Employers are also aware of this need.

“With generational change, irreversible changes are taking place. Offices are now a place for collaboration and socialising. Above all, employees should feel comfortable there and have the necessary facilities as well as a place to relax, meet and eat well. Only a happy employee can deliver a great performance. We observe these trends in our centres and the results of our survey only confirm them,” comments Adam Zvada on the current trends in the industry.

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