What role does the workplace play in the life of an employee?

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People spend a significant part of their time at work, but they value their personal life and health more and more.

After long months of working from home during the pandemic, employee priorities are changing. Many of them welcomed the return to the office, but their motivation to travel to work had changed. At the same time, most companies have discovered that working from home is just as possible as working from offices. Even at Scott.Weber, we don’t forget that the workplace is now place for diBecause personal time, health and psychological well-being are increasingly important for employees, modern office environments must reflect their requirements and provide quality facilities for “well-being“. At Scott.Weber Workspace, we emphasize the right balance between work and free time. All of our community spaces are designed to offer a place to focus as well as relax and socialize.scussions, collaboration with colleagues, inspiration and self-realization.

What should not be missing in a modern work environment?

All Scott.Weber flexible work environments are located in attractive locations. Typically, you will find spacious terraces where you can have a coffee in peace, enjoy the view and gain energy in the fresh air. Naturally, offices must provide enough space where employees can find peace for focused work. At the same time, they should be an environment in which people can meet and form a community. For example, a shared kitchen or open spaces with armchairs and couches make a great place for mutual interaction or networking. Relaxation areas and play zones serve as pleasant relaxation.

It is important to offer enough variety of alternative jobstations so that everyone can find something for themselves. The style and efficiency of work is significantly influenced by the ergonomics of the work environment, and it is necessary to think about it when planning it.

And what is the most important for the health of employees?

Primarily, we have to provide people with a quality place to work. The most important element is the choice of chair, ideally complemented by training in correct sitting. Choosing a monitor with an ergonomic holder, a possible filter for more sensitive eyes and a stable, height-adjustable table will also help with this.

Another aspect of a healthy working environment is the air. Air conditioning, air exchange and openable windows are one of the priorities in the design of our premises. When choosing a new center, we also consider properties that meet all the necessary standards and certification of a healthy building. We like to complement all spaces with plants that purify the air and are an important element from a design and health point of view.

Biophilic design focused on the relationship with greenery and natural cycles is currently one of the most prominent trends in the creation of office spaces. In the exterior of buildings, it is typically represented by parks, fountains and lakes. In the interior, there are natural elements such as green walls or separate indoor plants, but also plenty of natural light or a view of greenery. Biophilic design brings the working environment closer to nature, and this has a beneficial effect on the psyche and overall health.

Employees also appreciate recreation zones, public parks, promenades and sports fields near their workplaces. They can thus take a break from work duties at any time during the day.

Robert Velíšek, Head of Real Estate & Facility

Do you want to come and see what a modern work environment looks like in the Scott.Weber Workspace concept, or try a free day in coworking? We will be happy to show you around our premises.

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