The number of modern offices is rapidly increasing in Prague. They offer much more than just a working desk and galvanise a return from the home office.

  • The home office trend is slowly being replaced by a hybrid working model, in which people go to the office two to three days a week 
  • There is therefore still interest in new workspaces, but they must meet the needs of today’s employees, who require good accessibility, chill out zones and design interiors that inspire creativity 
  • The number of such modern complexes in Prague is increasing. Some of the new ones include The Park campus in Chodov or the Port7 project in Holešovice 

Working 100% from home suits only a few, and the hybrid model has become more popular in recent years  as it combines commuting to the office with working from home. It has been common abroad for several years, but is only now gaining popularity in the Czech Republic. It benefits both parties as it secures the interest of quality applicants for employers whilst the employees feel more motivated. 

Small difference in cost, big increase in productivity 

A full 78 percent of employers think that their employees are satisfied with the equipment and appearance of the office. At the same time, more than half of them consider the current working environment unsatisfactory. This is according to the latest research  by the Ipsos agency conducted for the Scott.Weber Workspace, which operates serviced offices, coworking spaces and event spaces throughout Prague.  

However, the situation is gradually changing. The company mentioned above contributes to this by currently operating 12 administrative centers with an area of 35,000 square meters, and the number of centers is constantly increasing. Most recently, the company will offer almost 900 office spaces within The Park and Port7 projects. 

Modern-minded team leaders are aware of what almost all studies and analysis say. The productivity of employees increases, or at least does not decrease, when they have the possibility of a quick rest in the relaxation zone. Shared design spaces that stimulate creativity also have a positive effect. Unfortunately, some conservative managers think that the space with desks and computers is efficiently used and non-work spaces are unnecessary and actually expensive. The opposite is true and more and more companies are realizing it. This difference in thinking also comes with generational changes and the rise of millennials and Generation Z,” explains Adam Zvada of Scott.Weber Workspace. 

Break in the park or on the riverbanks?  

An example of the new offices has been created in The Park complex in Chodov, which is often called Prague’s Silicon Valley. No wonder, the largest and best-known technology companies operating on the local market are concentrated here. A big advantage is also the fact that, although it is an excellently accessible location right next to the metro and the large Westfield Chodov shopping center, the entire work area is surrounded by greenery. In addition, the campus offers restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating, as well as golf and volleyball courts, while inside there is plenty of fun for fans of classic gaming as well as active PC games. 

Scott.Weber Workspace has also opened new offices in the unique Port7 administrative building near Holešovice port. Everyone searching for creative spaces, and those who wish to treat their employees and clients to extraordinary experiences will appreciate it there during work meetings as well as company parties. In addition to the meeting room right on the water, the roof terraces and a full complement of related services naturally attract attention. There is also a high class restaurant, gym and wellness center which makes this a unique work and lifestyle space that is not to be missed! 

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