Tea cools better in summer

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Have you ever wondered why the Bedouin or the peoples of the Middle East sip tea while it is sweltering?

This ancient wisdom is also confirmed by institutions dealing with thermal ergonomics. Self-regulation of body temperature is a difficult process, so we will simplify it as much as possible to emphasise the main point. The normal temperature of the human body is around 36.5 ° C. Your body is constantly working to ensure that the temperature does not deviate too much in any direction due to its proper functioning. 

Now we move to a hot summer day where any air-conditioned room is out of reach. I bet that in order to cool down, most people think of having a well-chilled drink, probably with ice. This method may give you a feeling of getting cold, but the effect is short-term. 

After consuming a cold drink, the body must first adjust it to its temperature level for the best digestibility.

This process consumes a lot of energy and leads to exhaustion. The result is an increased feeling of heat and more intense sweating. Drinking warm or lukewarm tea helps the body to cool down by itself. After consumption, gentle evaporation on the skin starts, which has a cooling effect. 

Quality tea is a great helper not only for the body, but it has a proven beneficial effect on cognitive abilities and mental well-being. 

As our clients, you can try a delicious tea in our amazing cafes, and if you are not Scott.Weber client yet, come and try a day work with us for free. 

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Cafe Karlín_Praga Office & Garden

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