How does the work environment alleviate the culture shock?

The globalization and internationalization of the market in recent years has led many people to migrate abroad beyond their home countries. Multicultural teams are no rarity nowadays and this trend is growing despite the pandemic. 

Prague as a centre of business is the city with the highest concentration of foreigners working in the Czech Republic. Relocation and subsequent adaptation are a demanding process not only due to adaptation to new conditions, but also in terms of integration into the community. The human need for socialization is an integral part of each of us. Knowing that we belong somewhere strengthens the feeling of security.

Evoking the „at home” feeling increases motivation and eliminates the risk of returning to homeland. 

In this case, the austere environment of classic offices can be a bit demotivating. An important point is to provide suitable conditions for work as well as acclimatization. Meeting people with similar experiences alleviates culture shock. 

Common coworking spaces play up to companies that want to provide their employees the highest possible comfort. 

At the Foreigners agency, they deal with a wide range of topics related to the employment of foreigners. Take a look at their article, where you will find out more about the flexible working environment, which is also offered by our newly opened BLOX centre with a short distance from the airport.

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