Flexible offices in Praga Office & Garden building by Scott.Weber Workspace were leased to V-Sharp Ventures group

The flexible office spaces operated by Scott.Weber Workspace are very popular, with the new openings filling up quickly. Modern serviced offices in eight attractive Prague locations are suitable for companies of various sizes. Praga Office & Garden centre has newly subleased office space to Michal Menšík’s fast-growing V-Sharp Ventures group. 

V-Sharp Ventures, whose portfolio contains the logistics start-up DoDo and the e-commerce accelerator Inveo, is growing rapidly moving forward in its business. The group’s expansion as an investment venture studio led to the need to move to larger and more representative offices.  The decision has been finalised, and V-Sharp Ventures chose Scott.Weber Workspace in the Praga Office & Garden building in Karlín as their ideal working environment.  

“We are delighted that our selection of flexible serviced offices has appealed to such an innovative company as V-Sharp Ventures. We are very pleased with the new partnership and believe that, for the whole group and its employees, the premises in the Praga Office & Garden will be a place where work becomes a real experience and where more progressive ideas are born,” says Adam Zvada, owner of Scott.Weber Workspace.

“The inspiring environment of the Praga Office & Garden building was an ideal choice for our new offices. Our previous headquarters were also located in Karlín and the architecture of this building fascinated us so much that we decided we had to be there. In addition to flexible offices, we will also enjoy the stylish coworking space, and we are already looking forward to meetings and appointments with clients in the private garden. Thanks to the partnership with Scott.Weber Workspace, we don’t have to worry about running the offices at all and we can fully focus on the development of our business,” adds Michal Menšík, CEO of V-Sharp Ventures.

Praga Office & Garden is an architecturally unique building with a strong history. Its design builds on the former industrial character of the district. The overall solution follows the original style of the former Praga car assembly plant.  It’s typical features and characteristics are reflected in the design of the environment and interior. This way Scott.Weber Workspace has created a professional working environment whilst paying tribute to the exceptional history of the location at the same time. 

About Scott.Weber Workspace

Scott.Weber Workspace was founded in 2009 and is the largest provider of flexible workplace rentals on the Prague market. It currently operates eight premium office centers in Prague, all of which boast innovative office solutions, modern design and technology, and above-standard client care. The company offers more than 2,500 workplaces on a total area of almost 19,000 m2. 

Scott.Weber Workspace provides several solutions for a flexible office environment and the ability to tailor their service according to the clients’ individual needs. Whether the clients are independent professionals and start-ups often working in coworking spaces, smaller companies requiring serviced fully equipped offices or large corporations with hundreds of employees who use private floors or Office Suite solutions, Scott.Weber Workspace can cater to the needs of them all.

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