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Why do entrepreneurs set up virtual offices?

More and more people are doing their business from home, from a cafe or sometimes even from the beach. Although many industries allow this nowadays, even such an entrepreneur needs to have a registered office. So-called virtual offices are a growing trend. What exactly is it and what benefits does it bring to companies? You will learn this on the following lines.

Company headquarters as a legal obligation

Every entity doing business in the Czech Republic, whether a company or a self-employed person, must have a registered office by law. It is the address that you enter when registering your business in the trade register or when establishing a company in the commercial register. You publish the address of your business headquarters on company contracts and official documents. They are also sent to you by the authorities.
A good address as a marketing tool
Imagine a situation where you are deciding between two almost identical business partners. You have no personal experience with any and cannot judge the quality of their product or service. So you start to find out as much information as possible about them. Browsing the internet you won’t find anything authoritative, but it differs in one seemingly small detail. It is the headquarters of the company. The first supplier is located in Prague at a lucrative address. The other gives the address of a village you’ve barely heard of. Which one would you choose? Choosing the right location for your business can make a good first impression and significantly help build business relationships.
Virtual office as your partner and saving agent
Office maintenance can cost several tens of thousands of crowns per month. With a virtual headquarters, you save money on permanent office rent, assistant salaries and more. However, it can also easily become your loyal assistant.

It will forward you correspondence and consignments that will come in the name of your company. No more long waits at the post office! Forwards or handles your phone calls. And if you still occasionally need a place to meet with the team or clients, many virtual offices offer the possibility of renting meeting rooms or other spaces in which your meeting will take place in a relaxed atmosphere.

Is a virtual office the solution for you?

You don’t need a permanent office for your business, but the seat at home in the living room doesn’t seem professional enough? For many entrepreneurs and companies, the address of the headquarters is an essential aspect for gaining new clientele. This group of entrepreneurs often includes creative agencies, graphic design companies, PR agencies or holding companies.
The procedure is fully in accordance with the law. This requires that every company has a legal headquarters in the commercial register, which is correctly marked. A virtual office is suitable for “businesses managed from home” as well as for larger companies.
The Virtual Office Premium package from Scott.Weber provides a comprehensive solution for the maximum convenience of clients without the need for their physical presence at the office. We will scan your mail for you and, if you are interested, we will also ensure the physical forwarding of correspondence and parcels and forwarding and handling of telephone calls. You can work from anywhere and still have a place in Prague for meetings with clients, employees or work efficiently in an inspiring coworking environment. You can use meeting and conference rooms or a professional podcast studio at discounted prices. You can achieve high flexibility thanks to the possibility of using all our centers around Prague.
Assure your company headquarters in a representative business center building with real administrative facilities and trained staff. <span data-contrast=”auto”>Contact us at: <a href=”mailto:[email protected]” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>[email protected]</a> or via phone at: <a href=”tel:+420 601 389 500″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>+420 601 389 500</a>.

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