Adam Zvada revealed expansion plans for the Property Forum and also what inspirates him

For the services we offer, selection of locality is absolutely crucial. As a market leader in providing a flexible working environment, choosing a suitable place is more important than for the operator of one coworking center or the operator of the service in their own building. Our clients are looking for premium premises, services and community. These aspects play an important role not only inside the building but also in its surroundings.

The shifts in the field of offices are significant after the end of the pandemic.

We knew that if we wanted to continue to be successful and interesting for potential clients, we must also change our concept. What we know as an office has already changed its meaning. Meetings and collaborations have increased their share of what people want and expect from the work environment. Peace and private environment, equipment that ensures efficient and productive work and community strengthen our 3 main pillars, which are: Cooperation, Concentration and Inspiration. Premises should reflect these needs while arousing people’s interest and willingness to go to work.

We want to create a significant benefit for our clients compared to working at home office. We want to give themm what they don’t get at home, ”says Adam Zvada, CEO of Scott.Weber Workspace.

Can we look forward to new centers in Prague and also outside of it?

At Scott.Weber, we operate an entire Real Estate division, which is constantly looking for growth opportunities. In the next 18 months, we are planning an ambitious expansion of another 15,000 m2. At the end of 2023, we will operate a total of 40,000 m2.

What inspires Scott.Weber Workspace?

We get inspiration from all over the world. We must not forget the differences in work culture and customer requirements in different countries, so we always follow the motto: “Think globally, cct locally.” But equally important is communication with the customers themselves, who create our range of products and services.

What gives the wind in our sails is that the concept of a flexible working environment is not yet a defined commodity on the market. We are in the phase of evolution and being a direct part of development is an honor and a huge responsibility for us.

Another topic of discussion was the visit of competing operators. You can read more in the article.

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